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There is no membership fee at OFCD.

All guests are welcome at OFCD events. Only those wishing compete in the fishing derby are to pay registration.

Tournament Rules approved by Ontario Fishing Club of the Deaf

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Tournament Rules approved by Ontario Fishing Club of the Deaf

1. Entrants must be an angler of the Ontario Fishing Club of the Deaf.

2. Entrants shall pay Forty dollars (40.00) fee before participating at each OFCD Tournament.

3. 90% of registration at each tournament is given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Admission is split 1/3 for whichever species of fish is being fished. If no fish are caught cash prizes will be drawn and registered anglers will receive cash innings.

4. Anglers are to sign waiver form protecting OFCD from any liabilities at OFCD tournament/events.

5. Anglers shall have their Ontario Recreational Fishing License (Ministry of Natural Resources) before paying fee at OFCD tournaments. Anglers are responsible to know and understand the requirements/limitations of their Conservation and Sportsman cards.

6. Anglers shall follow the Ontario and Federal Boating regulations at all times.

7. OFCD Tournament/Anglers shall follow the Ontario Recreational Fishing guides which are published annually (limit of catch, length of fish, etc.) Those with conservation cards do have some restrictions so be sure to know what they are before you go out to fish.

8. OFCD will post on their website (www.ofcd.net) and flyers at the beginning of New Year on host sites and type of fish to be caught.

9. OFCD Tournament times are as follows

May, July, August Saturday 5:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday 5:00am – 11:30 am
September Saturday 5:00 am – 7:30 pm
Sunday 5:00 am – 11:30 pm

10. All fish weight will be determined by one (1) OFCD weigh scale at OFCD tournaments. (OFCD weigh station are located at or near docks)

11. Fishing shall be permitted on shore and that OFCD rules apply to both anglers on boat and shore.

12. Non-Anglers /guests participating on boat with registered angler must be registered.

13. All Bass caught will be measured using OFCD official measurement which is 12 inches minimum from tip of tail to tip of head. Bass weight will be total weight of all bass (Smallmouth/Largemouth) caught per tournaments.

14. All walleye measured shall be 13 inches from tip of tail to tip of mouth. Walleye weight will be total weight of all walleye caught per tournament.

15. All Pike, Muskie, Trout, and Salmon caught during OFCD tournaments (if advertised) shall be 2lb minimum.

16. In the event of a tie at OFCD tournaments for any fish the winner shall be the person who entered the fish first.

17. Anglers wishing to keep fish caught during tournaments – Gills must be punctured by an OFCD Board member.

18. Lunker fish prize is now the responsibility of the OFCD. But the winner of Lunker is full cash 100%. To participating anglers need to pay $10.00

19. If Pike/Musky caught by Angler any OFCD Board member can weigh it immediately to allow live release on shore.

20. If you catch a musky/pike and want to release it immediately you can page an e-mail to an OFCD Board member to meet on the lake to weigh the musky/pike and release it. However in case no OFCD Board member is nearby you can have a witness (Deaf angler registered at OFCD) weigh, measure the length of the musky/pike and take a digital picture of the musky/pike then release it. With digital picture; Show the measurement from head to tail, show the digital numbers when fish being weighed. When arriving to shore approach the OFCD Board member to verify the weight, length and show digital picture.

21. The OFCD Board has the authority to suspend OFCD angler if he/she in any way does not follow the rules of the OFCD and/or Ontario Recreational Fishing regulations.

22. DO NOT disturb any anglers by asking or begging to ride in their boats or join in their teams during O.F.C.D. tournament/Derby.

23. You are required to use your own live fish bags at the weighing station in every tournament event. We will NO longer accept fish in fishing nets or carried in your hands.
24. At the Bass Tournament: for each dead bass, you will be penalized .50 (1/2) lb.

Last Revised. April 2018