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Tournament Rules for Children

1. Children up to age of 13 are to receive prize awards (not cash) at OFCD Tournaments.

2. Youths between the ages of 13-17 are to receive youth prizes (not cash) at OFCD Tournaments.

3. Youth age 18 shall be eligible for adult prizes (cash prizes).

4. Children (1 or more) under the age of 17 and whose parents have paid entry fee of $40.00 are eligible for children/youth prizes.

5. If children/youth bring friends of another family under age 17 they are eligible to win prizes but shall pay $10.00 each for entry fee.

6. Parents are responsible to teaching their children to follow/respect the OFCD Rules and the Ontario Recreational Fishing Rules.

7. Children/Youth tournaments will be held on Saturdays of OFCD events.

8. Children/Youths will be permitted to fish either from boat and/or shore.

9. Official weighing for children catches – catch any type of fish and keep record of fish counted. All fish to be caught and released immediately.

10. Official weighing for youth catches – catch any type of fish as adult. All fish to be caught and released immediately.

11. Permit youth with anglers on boat for only for Saturday

12. Parents/Friends are responsible to supervising their children and/or children’s friends when participating at OFCD events.

13. Children/Youth prizes will be based on 1st, 2nd, 3rd place. May be more depending on number of prizes available to give out.

14. Youth Anglers (13 to17years old) are considered the same as Adult Anglers and must follow Adult Rules when weighting in.

Last Revised.. October 2014