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Ontario Fishing Club of the Deaf
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The Ontario Fishing Club of the Deaf, (OFCD), was founded on May 19th, 1986 by its first President, Russell Duffield, Vice President/Secretary, Neil MacMillan, Social Director, John Rea and Tournament Director, Jim Campbell.

The purpose of this club was to organize four derbies a year as well as one day for an ice fishing derby. It was also established so that all Deaf anglers could get together to share their interesting fishing news and stories. When we hosted our very first tournament in 1987, we had a total of 98 anglers at Sparrow Lake.

Our first logo was blue and white. The blue represented the water and the white represents the clouds in the sky, symbolizing the outdoors. Today, our logo has been updated to include red, to represent hot fishing.

Our club is the oldest Deaf club in Canada. A few years after our club was formed, a group of Deaf anglers in Quebec club set up their own club.

In the U.S.A., there are over 15 clubs under the National Bass Association of the Deaf.

Most of our OFCD anglers are Deaf but they bring their families and friends who are Deaf and hard of hearing and hearing.

At our 25th Anniversary event, we hosted a wonderful workshop and Danny Elliott gave a very informative presentation. It was a great benefit for us to learn tips on how to fish successfully.

We had 40 anglers at that tournament. We always try and encourage new members to join our club especially our youth so that as our members age, we still will be able to maintain a good strong Board and ensure ongoing membership.

Our 30th Anniversary is in 2016 and we already have a Committee working on selling items in order to fundraise.

We would welcome a sponsor to help us financially of perhaps to donate gifts that could be used as prizes for our tournaments, specifically the Children’s Derby.

Please feel free to contact any of our Board members if you have any questions or to make a donation.